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It is my belief that every person is different. One does not expect the same as everyone else when it comes to something as personal as a photoshoot. This is precisely why I will strive to provide you with a made-to-measure photoshoot experience that will meet all of your needs: artsy portrait photos, Linkedin-style headshots, family photos, you name it!

One of the values I wish to foster is affordability. Let this photoshoot experience bring an end to disheartening price policies.

I work with natural light and always shoot outdoors, making the most of Hong Kong's charismatic and colourful beauty.

But don't worry, the city won't take you away from the spotlight!

Feel free to get in touch to discuss the concept you would like me to help bring to life and find out more about rates. 

My Instagram account will give you a further idea of my photography style :)